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Microsoft so hurried to acquire Yahoo but not fast

Posted on: Tháng Ba 10, 2008

According the top executive Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s chief software architect, told the Financial Times that the company would take a long, hard look before attempting any integration of technologies.

Microsoft may be in a hurry to acquire Yahoo’s advertising revenue, but it won’t rush to merge its computing systems with Yahoo’s after a potential merger, according to a top executive.

“Technology companies, if they dive in and just smash things together for smashing-them-together’s sake, it’s reckless, it’s just simply reckless,” Ozzie told the FT in a story published on Sunday.

The main reason that could that Yahoo refused to integrate with Microsoft is the low price but most key shareholders who are keeping majority of Yahoo stocks also having stocks of Microsoft. Therefore, they will never agree other companies to acquire Yahoo except MicroGate.

Ray Ozzie still confident that Microsoft could still acquire Yahoo for just $41 Billion dollars posted on Earth Times:

The paper reported that Ozzie said he was “very optimistic” Microsoft could achieve the main goals of the $41 billion deal, provided it concentrated on not disrupting the experience of Internet users and advertisers, rather than on racing to get all the financial and other benefits from a consolidation of the two companies’ operations.

Hope this integration will bring more benefits for publisher community of Yahoo – Microsoft.


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