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New Yahoo Mail face – The Friends List of the King

Posted on: Tháng Ba 8, 2008

I am happy to see these new features especially the new face of the Yahoo Mail login page today. It looks rather interesting than the previous versions.

How do I chat in Yahoo! Mail?
Change the chat status in the mail header to Available and you’ll see the number of friends in your contact list that are online and available for chat. Click on the name of the person you wish to chat with and a new tab will appear for your chat window.
How do I manage my online status?
Change your chat status by clicking the arrow next to the chat status arrow. Once open, you can then select from a number of user settings such as Available, Busy, Invisible, Logout or set a custom status message.
Where do I see my friends online?
Click on the Online arrow next to Contacts to view contacts that are available for chat.
How do I text message in Yahoo! Mail?
To send a text message, press the “t” key or click Text Message (SMS) under Compose. Then enter a mobile number in the “To:…” field. You can also use a mobile number from your Contacts list. Now type your message and hit Send.
How do I use Yahoo! Mail on my mobile phone?
On any Internet-enabled phone, type into your web browser, click Mail, and enter your Yahoo! ID. Then you can easily read, reply to, send, file, and delete messages. Sign up for text message alerts to get notified when important mail hits your inbox. Every email you send or receive on your phone will automatically be reflected in your online account.

See how to work with new yahoo mail with this overview demo video here.

These features are now included in the all-new mail on the top right of your logged-in mail, just one click to get all these ones and enjoy your new mail world!


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