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In-Text Relevance now available in Kontera

Posted on: Tháng Ba 8, 2008

In-text or in-line text ads is the unique advertising method that Kontera is now offering publishers and you do not need any spaces in your blogs to fill in as other advertising networks do. The only thing you need to do is to insert a short ad code in your html page and advertisements will automatically display on your blogs underlined your relevant text but sometimes the ads and keyword are not matched. That is why Konera is now creating in-text relevance that you can select based on your preferred keywords to avoid confusion for your readers.

The ads featured during the Super Bowl for example have their own devoted fans, and for a good reason. They are extremely creative skits, featuring A-list celebrities, and to say it out front – they’re fun. Ads introduced us to many memorable characters, my personal favorites being the Taco craving Chihuahua and the wireless company’s “can you hear me now?” guy. We all use witty ad slogans and catch phrases in everyday conversations – anyone forget the “Wazzup” beer campaign?

These are all examples of successful TV ad campaigns, but advertising online is where the future lies. Kontera’s In Text Ad Program presents a win-win situation for all members of online advertising ecosystem and we manage to do it, if to quote our very own slogan, by: Creating In Text Relevance.

Kontera lives up to the slogan’s 3 part promise. ContentLink ad units guarantee maximum creative flexibility as they can include text, logos, video, audio, flash animations, and interactive forms. ContentLinks are placed where users’ attention is focused, within the text. And finally Kontera’s advanced technology ensures that the ads will be highly relevant to the content in which they’re featured, so ContentLinks simultaneously provide added user-value and a particularly well targeted advertising campaign

I will try this and update you later and hope everything is fine and no more irrelevant ads on curtain topics.


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