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Google Analytics Updates: Google Analytics integrates with Google Audio Ads

Posted on: Tháng Ba 8, 2008

We’re excited to announce that Google Audio Ads advertisers can now see how their campaign metrics for impressions, ad plays, markets, and CPM correlate with their website traffic data provided by Google Analytics, such as conversions, revenue, and transactions. Customers can see if their audio campaigns resulted in greater amounts of traffic and conversions on a regional basis.

Take a look at the two metrics in the over-time graph in the below screenshot. Audio impressions – the number of times listeners hear your ad at the time it airs – is plotted along with visits. This data helps you correlate the impact of your audio campaign to your website traffic, and decrease the guesswork about offline-to-online ROI.

(Click on the image for a full-size version)

How do Google Analytics users and radio advertisers benefit?, a leading online home-furnishing store and Google beta tester, is a great example. They used Google Audio Ads to target their radio campaign to specific markets and demographics, helping drive impressions to their website. Audio Campaign reporting enabled them to analyze their campaign’s reach and success instantly and in-depth.

“Using Google Audio Ads and Google Analytics, we were able to reach thousands of new customers very fast and at an incredible price,” says Ted Kavana, President & CEO of “As the customers arrived at, Google Analytics made it very simple to analyze the data and start preparing for our next advertising blitz.” has seen unique visits increase by over 32% and sales by 28% since adopting Google Audio Ads.

Radio ads can be a major factor in driving conversions on your website. Consider these stats: radio reaches 94% of all Americans over the age of twelve every week. Almost half the US population listens to the radio while driving, and over a third of listeners prefer radio to other mediums during the day. When listening to the radio while browsing the Internet, more than half of users search for items they hear about on the air. Furthermore, 22% of online users make purchases after performing a radio-driven search. (Radio Advertising Bureau 2006, Arbitron + EdisonMedia research, 2003 and Emarketer, 2007)

These reports are currently available for all U.S. users. Audio Campaign reports will appear automatically in your Google Analytics page if you’ve linked your Analytics and AdWords accounts. If you want to learn more about the benefits of radio advertising through Google, get ready for this exciting new integration by checking out Google Audio Ads.


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