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3 Reasons Why Your SEO Efforts and ContentLink Optimization Go Hand in Hand

Posted on: Tháng Ba 8, 2008

Just to share with you all a very interesting and useful articles posted on the Kontera Blog that help you best SEO your blogs while using Kontera ads.

As explained in these three key SEO tips, all search engines are likely love your text rich sites not a photo blog as the robot can not identify what your blog is talking about. Further, keywords are the key to your blog especially to curtain posts that help users and readers easily find it in search queries. Additionally, the fresh content is always the best way to draw more readers and keep them stay and return to your blog regularly.

Here are the details that you help you better understand why Kontera is the best option for in-text advertising and quickly indexed in search engines results.

1. Search engines love text rich sites. In fact, the ultimate search engine friendly web-page contains 250-500 words.

This is great news for ContentLink ads. The ideal environment for ContentLink ads is a text rich site. Think of a text rich site as fertile ground for In-Text ads to thrive on. Part of the reason being that the more text a site has, the greater the selection and the number of ads that our relevancy engines can display. Optimizing your website for search engines increases your ranking while enhancing your ContentLink results.

2. Including within your content keywords that are relevant to your users. You are more likely to be noticed by search engines when your webpage contains contextually related keywords. Contextually related keywords give search engines the idea of what your site is all about. So for example, if you use words such as herbs, plants, flowers and fertilizer, you’re probably writing about gardening. Similarly, when a publisher signs up with Kontera, we determine the site’s category in order to target ads which are most contextually relevant.

Relevant keywords are the pillar stone of your SEO efforts. Search engines look for those words that are most relevant for your users. By targeting keywords, you can direct your readers to the most relevant pages on your site, forum or blog. Highly targeted content leads to higher conversions and better visitor experiences.

Similarly, Kontera’s ContentLinks searches for relevant keywords within your content in order to match it with the most relevant ad. Our engine analyzes the text on your site in order to figure what your content is all about. Within seconds, keywords are selected according to relevancy, click-through rates and revenue potential. These parameters are set to bring the most targeted, highest paying ad to your site. Considering this, optimizing your content for search engine purposes simultaneously optimizes your site for Kontera’s relevancy engine.

3. So what’s the number-one tip for search engine ranking? Fresh Content.
Search engines like websites that are frequently updated with fresh, unsullied, content. This is part of the dynamic search engine- webpage relation. Luckily, Kontera’s ContentLink are dynamic ads that bring the most relevant results at real-time. It does not matter how often you update your site’s content, Kontera’s engine analyzes and matches ads to your site each time a visitor enters.

This article uses some ideas come from the post on the Kontera Blog posted by Mika Tal


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