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Increase Adsense Earning with Rectangle Image Ads

Posted on: Tháng Ba 6, 2008

As suggested by Google Adsense, most advertisers are now bidding on 300×250 Ads units for text, image, video and gadget, then they strongly recommend Adsense publishers to create new ads in this form. I did this and got my eCPM and CTR increased these days.

For several reasons investigated, most publishers are now running text ads as they think it will not affect their blogs load and best fit with your post contents. This is a good way to increase their earnings but sometimes this will lead to invalid clicks and account termination. Further, readers are now familiar with that type of ads and they do not feel interested in anymore. What is the deal here?

I have just read through two posts that were very interesting on Rectangle Ads and Image Ads posted by ProBlogger and JenSense. These ideas are very helpful and they are both right to some extent. Darren are focusing on the 336×280 ads unit and 300×250 ads and giving comparison between these two ad units. But, I think he implied that 300×250 ad unit is still the best as it can serve all type of advertisers’ bids, while Jennifer Sleggs is proposing all Adsense ads should be in image. She said that Google set all ad size to text and image and most of the time ads displaying on your blog are text and rarely catching up image ads on blogs too. So, we can guess that image ads bid and CTR must be higher than text ads.

Here is the conclusion of Darren on his post:

336×280 might be bigger and increase the chances of being noticed – but 300×250 pixel ad units are more popular with advertisers wanting to run image/banner ads. It’s a standard size that many of them (particularly larger advertisers) produce (along with 728×90 sized ads) for online advertising. I spoke to one advertising agency representative recently who says that they’ve never made a 336×280 ad for any of their mainstream advertisers.

But Jennifer commented about image ads as below:

Because most people have their accounts set to either text only or text/image ads, you will need to select “image ads only” when you generate your AdSense code.

I hope the summary of two posts will help you decide which ad unit of Adsense can help you earn more compared to default size.

Happy International Women Day to who reading my blog are ladies and women!!!!


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