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Update Your Links for the Windows Live Toolbar Offer

Posted on: Tháng Ba 4, 2008

Are you still getting PAID with Microsoft Affiliate? If yes, this is a very important announcement from Microsoft that you have to login your account and generate updated link code to ensure all traffic are recorded and you will never loose your money. Only Windows Live Toolbar needs to be updated and Live OneCare remains unchanged.

When you login your account you will never see adCenter Affiliate banner and offers there as it was officially closed on February 29. You can get $1 for each time Windows Live Toolbar downloaded and installed.

Thank you for participation in the Microsoft Live Toolbar program. We have recently updated the code within the marketing materials available to you for this program.

Please log into the Affiliate Account Center at and update your current links to ensure that they are tracking correctly that you are receiving credit for your activity.

Thanks for your time and energy in promoting the Microsoft Affiliate Network offers. Please let us know if you need any assistance or have any questions.

Melissa Witt
Program Manager
Microsoft Affiliate Network

If you are not receiving this email from Microsoft, you should check your spam or bulk folder. Good luck!


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