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Posted on: Tháng Ba 4, 2008

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Blogging for Blogs is quite a new bloggers on the internet initiated by Mr. Tinh who is an IT expert in terms of website design and running a small company.

If you find this blog useful and would like to put a sponsor ads for a long time, you will get a high discount either through AdToll, Project Wonderful or via my contact page. I will reply to you on time for detailed discussion on this.

Site Stats:

  • Alexa: 581,909 (check for updated rank here)
  • PageRank: 2 (predicted to 4 by
  • IZEARank: 1223 (check updated here)

If you are not familiar with AdToll or Project Wonderful, you can buy direct ads of 125×125, 160×600, 468×60 or even 300×250 ads of all types such as text, image, flash, video or gadget anywhere that can be negotiated. You can buy ads through ADster.

Please be noticed that these stats will be updated every week or once Alexa, Google and IZEARank updated ranks for my blog. I am sure, my blog ranking will go up very soon.

How to have a ad of 125×125 FREE on my site, you can buy through EntreCard, Spottt as an exchange tool.

Good bye!!!


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