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Google silently update PR – Most down!

Posted on: Tháng Ba 3, 2008

As you know, Google PageRank is among two popular ranking system that help to measure website/blogs quality and stand. This would help advertisers to better select websites to advertise on. But sometimes, advertisers themselves are confused of Google calculation on PR. Some new blogs with just 1-2 backlinks are now having PR4 or at least PR3 while other blogs with more than 2 years old and 1000 backlinks are just having PR0.

Many blog bloggers like John Chow has many times complained about Google PR tool as it has not reflected the real quality of a blog or website. His blog is among the top one on the internet and holding an Alexa rank of about 3,500 but PR has gone down from 6 now to 3. John has explained why and how his PR was down as he sold paid links and posts in his monetized blog and Google punished him!

It is a little bit funny that some Google sites PR also went down, therefore, no one knows when and how Mr. Giant is giving a rank to blogs/websites. Should we use another ranking tool to determine the importance of a website/blog such as IZEARank. Three tools will help you make a better decision!


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