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Chitika | Related Product Unit (RPU), is now open to all Chitika users

Posted on: Tháng Ba 3, 2008

As you all knew, the RPU first launched exclusively to select publishers for testing, during which time we received tons of great feedback on how effective this unit is for publishers.

And it is now open to the whole Chitika network. RPU example:

Your wait is over, login, click your “RPU Code” tab and join hundreds of publishers who increased their revenue using eMiniMalls and RPU.

The RPU is designed to work exclusively for blogs and news/article based sites that works as a simple, non-intrusive text link format that integrates right in to your content.

The RPU has instantly become one of the most successful ad units across our network. Our users experienced overall revenue increases and enjoyed it’s complete customization features. Publishers love this ad unit because it doesn’t “look” like an ad.

Use the RPU to:

  • Monetize space which has traditionally gone un-monetized
  • Provide your users with a logical “next place to click”
  • Keep your readers happy – the RPU is completely non-intrusive

If you are not yet a Chitika publisher you can sign up and also have access to all our interactive CPC ad units!

Here is the only one tip that help you increase revenue with Chitika RPU.

It is specifically designed to be placed at the end of your blog post, review, or article. This works well because once your user has read an article, they will be looking for the next place to click.

The RPU provides this without being invasive (place it next to, or above your “Related Articles” section. This will not disrupt the user-experience).

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