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The Best Ad Optimization Across Every Ad Network now open to public

Posted on: Tháng Hai 29, 2008

Can you make and edit Google Adsense ads code? Can you use thirty-party program to make your ads more user-friendly and make it more attractive to readers to increase your CTR and eCPM too? Yes, now you can.

I think that Google policy and every ads network has its own policies in place that prevent publisher to modify their code regardless of who they are and how popular they are but now, you can use a FREE tool to do that and of course you will never violate these ads network policies at all. It is PubMatic.

I know this program when I saw a Goodle Adsense ads format that is totally different from the ads that are running on my sites and very eye-catching too. But, at the end of the ads, I saw a text called PubMatic and I went there to see how and why they were allowed to do this. The answer was rather than what I expected as they were not serving for every ads network in the hope that this new ads optimization tool could help increase sales for advertisers and revenues for publishers too.

“PubMatic immediately doubled our ad revenues by recommending the optimal ad network for each and every visit to,” said Michael Crassweller, Web Site Manager, StarDock. “Since serves up nearly 4 million ads per day, PubMatic’s ad network optimization has made a big difference to our bottom line.”

As this tool is totally FREE then you can easily to sign up and add your Ads ID to use this right aways. Good luck and hope this news can help you some.


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