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Sony Headphone MDR-NC60, probably the best choice under $200

Posted on: Tháng Hai 29, 2008

First a few words about a noise canceling headphones in general. I’m a frequent traveler, flying about 30% of time nationally and internationally as mandated in my job description. I’m not a musician by any means, but I understand that having a pair of good “cans” sometimes is the difference between arriving to your destination wasted or completely relaxed. You owe it to yourself to have a pair of good quality noise cancelers if you travel nationally, internationally or coast-to-coast at least 3 times a year especially on the aircrafts. I’ve owned my share of noise canceling headphones, starting from Sony “in-the-ear” MDR-NC60, the most favorite device rated by users on the Wize One Store website.

I usually bring my headphone with me not only listening to music but also communicating with my office to keep my work running smoothly. This communication way is much cheaper and more economical compared to cell phone service charge. Further, you can also make a teleconferencing on internet with this quality device. That is why I decided to choose Sony Headphone MDR – NC60.

The last thing but not least is the price of this luxurious device is affordable to all clients of different level. If you are not traveling so much and working in the factory, this Sony Headphone is the best noise-canceling and protects your ear over the time. This device is also the favorite one for pregnant women as they can listen to music, not to themselves but for their little baby as many doctors advise. Then, I strongly recommend you to select one for your own and tell me how do you rate the Sony Headphone.


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