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Posted on: Tháng Hai 28, 2008

As you might know that Blog Oh Blog first released his theme of 3 columns for WordPress with a lot of features and options included. This WordPress theme has been applied and converted to Blogger template by several designers but the most impressive and latest one to my opinion must be the one that developed by Eblog Template.

I would like to share this blog as I know many of you will like it. This template now is used as default for my blog and you can too.

Here are the features and options added to this template for your consideration:

  • Two or Three right side columns which are easy to switch (default is three)
  • Three great location ad spots (header banner 468 x 60, three 125 x 125 buttons in sidebar, and a 468 x 60 AdSense banner above the first post)
  • Integrated Feedburner rss and subscribe via email sidebar module (also includes “add to favorites” Technorati link)
  • Built-in live traffic feed widget from FEEDJIT
  • Built-in MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog recent reader widgets
  • Dynamic tabs easily created by editing the link list widget
  • Search box without the need for a “go” button
  • Recent posts and comments widgets
  • Nicely designed individual blog post comments section
  • Properly setup Blogger layout editor

Here is the screenshot of the template and the layout where you can customize it on your own.


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Can you convert the WordPress template to a blogger template?

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